"You are responsible for your health and happiness"

My name is Stacy Sabbe. I am 40 years old, servant to the Lord, wife to Kyle and mom to 6 year old Twin boys, Brody and Keaton and 3 year old Kinsley. We live on a farm in Rural ND.

My first and foremost calling is to my family.

All my life (that I can remember, anyway) I have had some extra weight— About 30 to 40 pounds to be exact. When I turned 18, I started my workout obsession with Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies"!

I have always been a yo-yo dieter — done weight watchers, phentermine, nutri-system... and the list could go on.  All of those products/services work when you DO them.  However, I knew I was looking for something more significant, HEALTHY and life changing not just short term.

At the time I also didn't know about proper form and bio mechanics so with years of improper exercise I had some wear and tear on my body.  On the scale, I achieved the results I wanted but within my body I was still a hurting unit!

My knees were the first to go and since then have had an operation on each one, thankfully not replacement! However it was after starting physical therapy that I started to get information and education on proper form, biomechanics and strengthening.


I have since gotten Personal Training Certified and within those studies I found an additional passion for nutrition! Looking to operate as an independent Personal Trainer, I was in search of a program that would work hand-in-hand with both exercise and nutrition for potential clients to utilize when on their own.

The Beachbody 21 Day Fix Meal Plan and Workouts fulfilled MORE than I ever could of imagined. I had my own personal success on the program and hence the birth of the Coaching opportunity!

Since adding online coaching to my resume, Im am able to stay home with my 3 children, help my husband on the farm, have a career on my terms, and get to socialize and help other people in need from the comfort of my own home. I truly love helping people reach their personal health and fitness goals. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the joy in their eyes when they succeed!

A big motivation to continue on this lifestyle change — which is more of a journey— comes from my kids. The biggest motivation of all is just how I feel in my skin. Increased energy, little to no body aches, better digestion and better organization making my household even better too!

I am a true believer in "You are responsible for your health and happiness" and what I want more than anything is to help guide you with a road map to use while you get there!

Please feel free to message me to ask questions and see how I can help you get started today on your personal health and happiness!